DecodeChess and Chessify Announce Strategic Partnership

We are glad to announce a new partnership with Chessify, another disruptive brand in the world of chess learning. 

Partnership Scope

Starting January 17th, 2023, DeodeChess will be available on Chessify directly from the analysis board. Users will have the option to add DecodeChess as a paid add-on to receive explanations for their moves. 

↑ A preview of DecodeChess on the Chessify platform

At the moment, the integration is available via Desktop. 

In addition, DecodeChess registered users will enjoy discounts on Chessify’s membership plans.

About Chessify

Chessify is a chess improvement platform that offers a variety of services for players of all levels, from amateur to Grandmaster. They are best known for three web-based services: 

  • Speed cloud servers for analyzing with the best chess engines like Stockfish, Leela, and others. Chessify offers up to 1 Billion NPS cloud servers – the highest speed available in the chess market!
  • Game database for opening preparation, with over 9 Million games.
  • Cloud storage for saving your own games

About DecodeChess

DecodeChess is an AI-powered chess tutor that explains chess positions and moves in rich, intuitive language. With a mouse click, chess players can reveal the Why and How behind every chess move, whether from their own games, or from any game they have in mind.

In addition to analyzing imported games, users can also play against a human-like computer opponent and receive explanations while playing.

With over 8 million positions decoded to date, DecodeChess keeps improving its explanatory scope, to provide chess players more personalized ways to improve at chess.