Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Using DecodeChess

What is a Decode?

A Decode is an analysis of a single chess position. Within each game, there are usually about 5-10 notable positions to analyze and learn from. Our system helps you find these interesting positions in two ways:

  1. Providing a game map that shows you exactly where each side dropped or picked an advantage throughout the game.
  2. Auto-recommending which positions are worth analyzing (both for black and white)

System requirements

Using DecdeChess only requires an internet connection. Minimal supported screen resolution is 800*600. Browser types/versions: Edge, Firefox 44+, Chrome 47+, Safari 9+, Opera 36+, IOS Safari 8.4+, Android Browser 4.3+ (Android version), Android Chrome 49+.

We no longer support Internet Explorer (IE) because it is out of date and lacks advanced functions that are crucial for running our program.

Uploading games and supported files

You can upload any game or position in PGN and FEN formats, via the New Game menu that is available at the top left corner of the screen.

Is DecodeChess available on the app store?

DecodeChess is only available as a Web-based application and is not accessible via any app store.

Analysis history

We save any game you upload or play against our computer opponent. In addition, we save every Decode session you perform.

Running DecodeChess on my computer

DecodeChess is a web-based service. It relies on a proprietary algorithm which requires significant CPU resources to produce its automatic explanations and is therefore available through our servers only. This is actually a big advantage, as you’re not required to install anything on your computer.

Exporting my analyses

At the moment, all your analyses are saved in your online account, but are not available for download/export. We hope to release this feature within a few months.