4 Chess Apps You Must Try Out

The app stores are packed with chess apps. How is one to choose which to download? Our team picked 4 unbiased, best chess apps that deliver a great user experience. You can find them on iOS and Android. 


1 The One-stop Chess App

If you’re looking for one app that can do everything, then Lichess is your choice. This is by far the best chess app available today.

Lichess is the second largest chess playing platform in the world, and the beauty about it is that it’s not a commercial business. Hence, you pay nothing, and get a superb chess experience.

Why Lichess?

  • 360° chess experience
  • No ads at all!
  • Top-notch, slick user experience
  • Crowd-sourced content that keeps growing
  • Standard web version allows a cross-device experience

Key Features

  • Play chess – their play experience is great. Quick pairing, lots of formats, and a very good game analysis when you’re done playing.
  • Study – many contributors upload entire lessons to Lichess, from openings to strategy and endgames.
  • Opening explorer – again, completely free and awesome
  • Puzzle trainer – there’s a great puzzle trainer that keeps challenging you as you solve puzzles correctly.
  • Join tournaments – there are tons of tournaments taking place on Lichess, and they’re all free to join.

Lichess on iOS

Lichess on Google Play

2  A Beautiful Chess Puzzle Trainer

Pocket Chess is perhaps the best-looking chess app in terms of design and graphics. In addition, their puzzles and problems make chess a less committing activity. It’s very nice to have if you’re into solving puzzles and keeping your mind challenged with riddles.


Why Pocket Chess?

  1. Great look & feel
  2. Focused board design
  3. An easy and non-committing approach the chess puzzles
  4. Very modest pricing for removing the ads ($4.99)
  5. Even with ads, the app is usable and the ads don’t take over the playing experience


  1. Mating patterns, tactics, riddles
  2. Many levels, themes and difficulties

Pocket chess on the app store

Pocket chess on Google play

3 Social Chess

Social Chess is a great chess-playing app that offers straightforward options in an ad-free environment.


  • No ads
  • Great playing experience with quick pairings
  • Flexible game formats
  • Simultaneous games
  • Get a rating
  • Modest pricing for receiving extra features (only $9.99 per year!)

Get Social Chess: Appstore Google Play

4 Next Chess Move (NCM)

NCM is a chess analysis app for geeks. A simple interface lets you access the strongest and newest chess engines out there:

  • Good chess analysis for geeks
  • Access lots of chess engines
  • Powerful servers for engine depth
  • Modest pricing for the Pro plan ($19 per year)!

Get NCM: Appstore | Google Play

Now What?

Here at DecodeChess we don’t offer an app yet, but we have a unique and innovative service to help you improve at chess: