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Frequently Asked Questions

A credit refers to the ability to click on any of the Decode buttons. A Decode is an explanation in intuitive language, generated by our unique artificial intelligence algorithms. With a decode you can do two things:

  1. Decode Game: Analyze an entire game and receive explanations for the recommended moves of a chess engine (Stockfish). This only takes about 60 seconds!
  2. Decode Deep: Analyze a chess position in-depth to receive a 360° analysis of threats, attacking plans, concepts, piece functionality, good moves, and more.

We usually recommend to use Decode Game and then lock in on 2-3 key positions and click on Deep Decode.

Decode Game will generate short explanations for each move in the game.

  • It takes only 15-25 seconds to complete the process
  • You get excellent coach-level commentary on each move:
  • You can use it for analyzing games you played on other chess websites or after playing against our human-like computer opponent.


Deep Decode is the heart of our service. It:

  • uses more computing power to generate deeper, holistic explanations for chess positions.
  • explains the position’s governing concepts and the recommended course of action.
  • explains threats, player plans, and the best line that Stockfish NNUE recommends.
  • tells you what you did wrong if the move you chose was a mistake/blunder.
  • tells you what’s good in a move played that wasn’t the engine’s first choice.

We currently support PGN and FEN formats.

Yes, we will save any game you upload, and you’ll be able to tag or delete them. Most importantly – we will save every Decode you perform, be it a single position or an entire game.

Annual and monthly subscriptions include a 7-day money back guarantee.

Pay-as-you-go plans do not include a money-back guarantee.

We do not have an app that you can download yet, but DecodeChess is mobile-responsive.

However,  not all features are available in mobile view due to the size of the screen.

The recommended way to use DecodeChess is a big tablet, a laptop, or a desktop.

DecodeChess Helps Players Improve at Chess

“DecodeChess helps me go through all of my games and assess my strengths and weaknesses. With a chess coach, I might be able to analyze one or two games per week. With your product, I can analyze many times more. In that way, the technology you’ve invented is helping make me a better chess player.”

“I have been playing the DecodeChess computer and using the Decode process to work through the various main lines. The running graph that is displayed is excellent as well. Whole setup is working really well and I am learning a lot, easily the best chess education around.”

“I am really engaged, and like the way it describes everything in human language and is easy to understand. I fully studied the Danish Gambit, and use it as my main opening now.”

“I enjoy the insights Decode Chess supplies, especially on the complex mid-game positions. Although I’m not a very strong player (yet) I appreciate the depth and explanations that Decode Chess provides. I highly recommend this app.”

I love the range and depth of the analysis provided after a “decode.” This is the most helpful feedback I have ever found.

Thanks again for making DecodeChess in the first place. It’s like those wonderful books I learned so much from where the reasons behind each move were explained, getting ideas pointed out to me like a chess coach does.

10 Features that Make DecodeChess a Unique Chess Analysis Tool

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explaining your chess move


Allowing you to toggle between before and after modes to see how the recommended move helps minimize your opponent’s threats.


Good moves are displayed in descending order and an entire tab is dedicated to suggested plans to win the game.


Adapts to your play style to give a balanced game experience.

You can decode positions as you play against our computer opponent, which turns the playing experience into an instructional mode.

A visual game graph and meta analysis of the game’s course, suggesting interesting positions to decode.

The best Stockfish chess engine experience! With one click you can receive a basic Stockfish Engine analysis to any position, without the hassle of downloading it to your computer.

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