Chess Professionals Talking about DecodeChess

“DecodeChess are taking chess tech to a new level and have created a software that explains the engine recommendation in simple and understandable terms. “

It helps trainers to spot and understand the hidden possibilities of the positions.

Been playing around a little with DecodeChess, and it’s absolutely astounding. Their program explains the best engine moves in very understandable, human terms- not evaluation numbers. This could be a tremendously useful training tool for club players.

“There are hundreds of thousands of club players out there and I truly believe using this service will be a good step forward on their endless way of studying the lovely game of chess.”

A total gem to improve your game, must check out @DecodeChess. I’m impressed! It’s like a personal coach, breaks down moves explaining ideas, plans, piece play Exploding head Highly recommend for beginners to about 2000. (link to quote)

Having coached over 10,000 students myself, from beginners through national champions, DecodeChess is the tool that I dreamed of for many years to empower my students to make rapid progress.

In my research I used the new chess site I am very grateful to their team for the invaluable support which made my analyzes much more fun and required less efforts by me.

DecodeChess is a nice tool to have when looking for additional explanations to your game when you cannot reach your coach.