Understanding Chess with Explainable AI

DecodeChess is the debut product of Decodea, a deep-tech company that develops AI algorithms that mimic high-level human cognitive functions.

DecodeChess sets new frontiers in the world of explainable artificial intelligence (XAI). It is the first and only AI chess software that auto-explains the moves of a chess engine (Stockfish) in rich, intuitive language. The explanations reveal concepts, factors, and complex causal connections that are an inherent part of the game of chess. Threats, attacking plans, piece functionality, tactical and strategic motifs, are all part of the system’s rich explanatory capabilities. 

Performing a chess analysis with DecodeChess promotes the understanding of concepts and ideas that make up any position or move, serving as an on-the-go AI chess tutor for aspiring players in the ELO ranges of up to 2000. It is available online, and can be purchased for a fair price.