DecodeChess is Transforming Chess Engine Analysis with Explanations

In today’s digital era, chess players of all levels turn to chess engines as their chess analysis oracles. But these chess engines do not explain their recommendations, leaving most players with an answer sheet that lacks the most important element for learning – Explanations. DecodeChess introduces explainable AI to the world of chess analysis, opening the black-box of the world’s strongest chess engine. 

chess engine analysis by DecodeChess

DecodeChess in action (Klovans-Ruben, 1986, 1-0)


Asking the Right Questions

Analyzing your own games is one of the most important ways to set yourself on a road to improvement in chess. As Garry Kasparov once said,

“careful analyses of one’s own games…the foundation to the continuous growth of chess mastership is hidden here.”

If you are set to take action in this chess analysis path, then the first thing you need to be prepared for is asking yourself some very important questions: “What was the right move in this position?” “How should I have analyzed this position?”

Finding the Right Answers

In the absence of a chess tutor or any other structured training framework, you won’t always have the proper answers to these super important questions. This is probably why many non-professional players have turned chess engines into their go-to analysis pals. 

These pals are indeed very good in finding the best continuation: A chess engine contains a search function that can calculate millions of possible continuations from a given position, and an evaluation function that operates as a knowledge base to estimate the positional factors of the position. The combination of those two components creates a monstrous chess player which can find very good paths and usually recommends the best moves to play.

In addition, chess engines are found in every popular online chess playing platform (lichess,, chess24, etc.) and can even be downloaded freely to your own computer.

(+0.2 – depth 17)  1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6 4. d3 d6 5. O-O Be7 6. Nc3 O-O
A typical chess engine answer to what’s the next best move

However, a chess engine does not understand the position the way we humans do. It solves the problem of finding the best move by searching many positions and cannot explain why it recommends this move over another. That’s why chess engine analysis can easily turn into an indecipherable cheatsheet; even if motivated, you might find yourself “lost in translation”, unable to convert your mistakes to success on your next game. 

If we humans wish to play chess better, we must improve our understanding and learn how to find the answers by ourselves.

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Explaining Every Move

DecodeChess developed groundbreaking Explainable AI algorithms which generate explanations for the recommended moves of a chess engine (Stockfish), bridging the gap between machine recommendations and human thought and taking chess engine analysis to a new frontier. 

You can analyze your games via a friendly online interface and get a 360° analysis of any position which includes:

  • Rich and intuitive explanations of the engine’s series of recommended moves
  • A framework that helps you arrive at these moves by yourself
  • Threats analysis
  • Attacking plans
  • Piece functionality
  • Tactical and positional concepts

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“DecodeChess helps me go through all of my games and assess my strengths and weaknesses. With a chess coach, I might be able to analyze one or two games per week. With your product, I can analyze many times more. In that way, the technology you’ve invented is helping make me a better chess player.”

“I have been playing the DecodeChess computer and using the Decode process to work through the various main lines. The running graph that is displayed is excellent as well. Whole setup is working really well and I am learning a lot, easily the best chess education around.”

“I am really engaged, and like the way it describes everything in human language and is easy to understand. I fully studied the Danish Gambit, and use it as my main opening now.”

“I enjoy the insights Decode Chess supplies, especially on the complex mid-game positions. Although I’m not a very strong player (yet) I appreciate the depth and explanations that Decode Chess provides. I highly recommend this app.”