New Feature: Explaining YOUR Moves

After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce the release of a feature you’ve all been waiting for. See how it works and where to get it. 

explaining your chess move

What Is It All About?

Up until now, DecodeChess was generating explanations for the recommended moves in a given position. Thus, it wasn’t referring necessarily to the move that was actually played in the position. The new feature, which is currently in Beta,  explains the move that was played in the position, be it a mistake, blunder, or even an alternative good move.

How Exactly Can I See It In Action?

  • At the moment, this feature is only available in the English version of DecodeChess. We are working on translating it to all other 8 languages.
  • You need to press on Deep Decode / Dig Deeper at a given position.
  • If the move that was played in this position is different from the engine’s recommendation, the feature will show up just below the explanation of the best line.


Below you will find two instances in which this feature is shown. The links will take you to the fully analyzed position on DecodeChess.

Explaining why a move is a mistake

Explaining why an alternative move is good, although it’s not the first choice of the engine.

What Does Beta Mean?

This feature is labeled Beta, since we’re still working on perfecting it and it may present some errors.

The good news is that this feature will only improve with time!

What Are The Benefits Of This Feature?

The new feature gives you a more holistic chess coaching service.

  1. Get human feedback on how to make the right moves.
  2. Get human feedback on your mistakes and/or successful moves.

We invite you to try it out for yourself!