Equipped with the next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, DecodeChess employs advanced algorithms to explore, analyze and answer the question computer scientists dare to ask – WHY? Why was a certain move made? What is the logic behind it?

In essence, DecodeChess emulates human thinking. It brings next generation AI and big data capabilities into chess training and chess education. The algorithms scan and analyze the position then sort, identify and display the relevant explanations for the situation and the alternative plays. All of this occurs on the fly. The engine’s output is delivered to the user as an annotation and illustration –  a new dimension of SWOT analysis and dynamic graphic display is added as another layer on top of the chess board.

Easy  & Fun

DecodeChess is a cloud based, SAAS solution. Users engage through the web.  There is no need to install any software or applications on the user’s computer or mobile devices. The system was designed for ease of use and an intuitive user experience.

The cloud-based infrastructure allows each query to explore millions of potential outcomes by utilizing the enormous computation power afforded through cloud based computing. A SWOT analysis for every move or position, can be delivered in under two minutes!