Have you asked yourself why a player played that “killer” move? What was the strategy behind the move? Was it the best move for them to make for that position? What were the threats from the opponent? Were there better options to be played? Could a different move have changed the outcome of the game?


Now imagine watching your favorite chess players. Imagine that the grand-master walks you step by step through the game, explaining and revealing all of the “ins and outs” of the moves and providing in-depth analysis and insights like only a professional can do.

DecodeChess is a web-based service that analyzes and EXPLAINS chess games with the precision of a computer and the quality and insight of a real person in a fun and intuitive way. Chess players receive an in-depth analysis of every chess move they or others have played. DecodeChess employs advanced algorithms to emulate high level human conceptualizations and thinking (Cognitive Computing).

DecodeChess goes far beyond any other Chess software. Its advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine allows users to truly understand the players’ plans and mindset at a given position and identify the possible strategies. The engines expose the opponents’ intentions and potential threats.

A New Way to Train for Greatness

DecodeChess EXPLAINS, on the fly, the PLANS, INTENTIONS,  strengths and weaknesses of ANY chess positions and moves.  It highlights the threats and opportunities (SWOT analyses); thus, enabling players to gain insights and understandings into the hidden layers of the game.

Become a Chess “Hacker”

Decoding Chess with DecodeChess allows chess players to enjoy and understand not just the moves of the great masters and of historic games but also provides insights into their own games. DecodeChess elevates a player’s chess understanding and analytical skills.  Players learn to think methodically with the DecodeChess SWOT technique, gaining access to the “dark matter” of chess understanding and an (almost) unfair advantage over opponents.

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