Request a DecodeChess Membership

Available for 4NCL members, for a limited time only

Dear 4NCL member,

Here at DecodeChess we offer a unique opportunity to use our service for the 2019 calendar year. This exclusive membership will allow you to decode 25 positions each month and will also include all the other unique features DecodeChess has to offer. See a features list below.

1 Explaining the suggested moves of a chess engine in rich, intuitive language

2 Providing a learning framework with our Idea-Problem-Solution methodology

3 Analyzing threats

Allowing you to toggle between before and after modes to see how the recommended move helps minimize your opponent’s threats.

4 Suggesting good moves and attacking plans

Good moves are displayed in descending order and an entire tab is dedicated to suggested plans to win the game.


5 Revealing the underlying concepts of any position

6 Reviewing piece functionality

7 Human-like computer opponent

Adapts to your play style to give a balanced game experience.

8 Analyze as you play!

You can decode positions as you play against our computer opponent, which turns the playing experience into an instructional mode.

9 Smart game overview

A visual game graph and meta analysis of the game’s course, suggesting interesting positions to decode.

10 Stockfish engine analysis

The best Stockfish chess engine experience! With one click you can receive a basic Stockfish Engine analysis to any position, without the hassle of downloading it to your computer.